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The Island of Artemis

Leros is an island in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Dodecanese.
According to mythology, it was the island of the goddess Artemis, goddess of hunting. It has an area 53t.chlm. and 8,200 inhabitants The inhabitants of occupied with fishing, agriculture and tourism. Connected to Athens and to the other islands of the Dodecanese, by air and by sea.
Leros climate is mild and very healthy.
The many natural beauties, 9 natural ports available, the pine trees and the lush greenery that surrounds it, the olive groves, crystal clear waters, rich fishing available, quiet beaches, the exotic locations with little cozy world of the noble atmosphere in the port of Lakki and the lively Agia Marina and Alinda to the scenic Panteli, are all appealing elements for visitors who are passionate after the first experience and contact with the beautiful Leros.
It is believed that anyone who visited the island once, you still coming over and over again with the same enthusiasm many years go by. Leros beyond its natural beauty offers a rich history from ancient times to the modern era. From the most beautiful sights of the island

Castle Virgin
It was built during the 11th century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios Komninos and is currently the main attraction of the island. Apittiki located on the hill above the town of Agia Marina with spectacular views across the island and the Aegean Sea. The castle is the church of the Virgin which is celebrated on August 15.

War Museum
The military museum of the tunnel of some is a unique exhibition space for the entire Greece. The museum hosts numerous exhibits. Leros because of the location and its exceptional natural port of Lakki, was the Italian naval base of Eastern Mediterranean from the 1930s.

Agia Marina - Platanos - Panteli
Platanos is the capital of the island and there is established in an old mansion traditional building, City Hall. Agia Marina, the second backup harbor with many fine cafes and restaurants and vibrant nightlife. And finally the picturesque seaside village Panteli with the sandy beach and traditional restaurants where the visitor will enjoy fresh fish

The most beautiful and tourist developed area of ​​Leros with modern tourist facilities. It is full of eucalyptus and pine trees and crystal clear waters complement the stunning scenery. Finally rich are the cultural events that take place mainly during the summer. Particular mention should be made for the rich sea - underwater tourism of Leros which is a paradise for diving mainly for the numerous shipwrecks result of the Second World War. The seabed of Leros integral is a unique museum. For diving enthusiasts an organized dive school. In the bottom of Lakki is still submerged cruiser Queen Olga which sank in September 1943 With an overall final summary Leros is an island for all requirements.